Company Overview
Sequoia Microelectronics is a fab-less IC design house specialized in mixed signal integrated circuits for LED lighting application. The company’s strength enables compact, energy-efficient power conversion in the range of general LED lighting, as well as LCD backlit applications. By closely working with customer, Sequoia is committed to customer’s success.

Our engineers have a solid background in IC design, system verification and extensive customer application experience which allows the company to work closely with customers to identify new product opportunities, reduce time-to-market and effectively support its applications. Sequoia’s proprietary High Voltage CMOS design capability is the strength of its competitive advantage. By working with third party foundries, Sequoia installs its own proprietary process technology in their facilities to be able to compete, in this emerging AC-DC industry, with world class power chips provider.

To play an important role in the emerging LED lighting/backlit industry to assist customer implementing product timely to catch global demand is our first target. We believe by innovation in power management technology will contribute to assist overcoming the global warming crisis to save our planet.